For My Next Trick, I’ll Turn Your Computer Into A Moneymaker…

The crucial part of every magic trick is where the magician distracts you so they can slip something past your attention.

It could be a joke. It could be the flourish of their hand. Anything to draw your attention from what they’re trying to slip by you.

Just imagine if they told you where to look to see how they trick you. There would be no magic. As stupid as that sounds, that’s exactly what the online advertising world is like.

When you Google anything today the first three results are sites that could match what the search was for. But they also have little green tags next to them that say “Ad.”

And even if the ad is exactly what someone is searching for, no one ever wants to click on something that they know is an ad. Because it doesn’t have any magic.

Labelling something an ad is just like a magician showing you where to look to figure how they tricked you. Yet companies still pay Google to steer customers away from their products.

You can’t just pump money into your ads and think that they will sell. If you want to earn any money online, you need to work smarter. Not harder.

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Top Tier Side Income – Commissions of 0ver $73,467,332 already paid out !