Tips for Attracting Customers with Squeeze Pages on Auto Pilot

A squeeze page is a page that tries to convince visitors to give you their name and email address in exchange for something they perceive as valuable, such as a free report, eBook or a video. They are also sometimes called lead capture pages or optin  pages.

The purpose of a squeeze page is to quickly build a list of email addresses, preferably from people who have an interest in your product niche.

This is a squeeze page from one of my ad campaigns. It is so successful that it built me a subscripion list of thousands upon thousands of email addresses. Click on the picture to try it out.

Your name and email in exchange for something of value.
Your name and email in exchange for something of value.

Once you have captured an email address, you can use it to send out emails promoting your products and services indefinitely, or at least until the person unsubscribes.

Squeeze Page Software

There are many different squeeze page software programs available, some free but mostly paid. They promise to generate effective squeeze pages for you that are “guaranteed” to capture a lot of email addresses. is one on the more popular ones on the Internet. This is the on eI am currently using.

The software works sort of like resume-writing software. In most cases it will give you a boilerplate template that you can personalize to fit your own needs.

In other cases, the software will give you pre-built squeeze pages based on the most popular niches – weight loss, acne cream, dating, and so on – that you can post your links on and tie to a place where you can collect email addresses and start building a list.

Like resume-writing software, squeeze page software is most helpful if you have never written one before. But once you get used to writing squeeze pages, it’s not difficult and you don’t really need to spend money on software to do it for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Templates

As for the pre-written templates on the biggest niches, they typically already have SEO, which can help their ranking a little on Google and elsewhere. But if the same templates are being used by lots of different people, how does that differentiate your product? In most cases, it doesn’t.

Squeeze page software is so common these days that you usually can get it for free if you look around hard enough.

Rather than using the software for your products, a better plan is to take a look at the kinds of squeeze pages they offer then steal their best ideas to create a squeeze page that is custom-fitted to your particular product and niche.

Brevity Is King

If you are creating your own squeeze page, remember that they are similar to sales letters except tjeu are much shorter, usually only one or two pages.

The structure is basically the same as the sales letter:

  • Present a problem that would be common for people visiting your page
  • Offer your product as the solution
  • List its benefits (how it will improve their life) not just its features (what it does or has)
  • Conclude with a Call to Action (what you want them to do, in this case give you their email address)

You need to offer something for free to incentivize people to give you their email address. This can be a free report or eBook you can either create yourself or pay somebody to write, or a how-to video.

In either case, the free giveaway should be related to your niche and should have high perceived value to the prospective customer.

Value of Autoresponders

You may be familiar with a low-function autoresponder that probably came free with your email account. You know: The one that tells people when you are out of the office or on vacation. The autoresponders we are talking about here are much more sophisticated than those.

Unlike list building and squeeze page software, you will need to use an autoresponder to manage your email address capture and delivery system.

There are lots of different programs available, but one of the most popular and reliable comes from It costs about $19/month. For that price you can use it to send unlimited emails to 500 email addresses. Obviously, if you need more, you can buy a different package.

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3 Steps To Great Online Income…

Does making $10 000 a month sound good…

Like these people are doing:

There’s 3 steps you’ll want to try to stick to, if you’re after a solid and stable income online:

1– Find a starving crowd.
2– Get yourself in front of that crowd.
3– KEEP yourself planted in front of them.

3 Steps for a solid and stable income online.
The way to make money is to add value to someone’s life.

The Big 3 areas online are health, wealth and relationships.

However those are far too wide.

We have to narrow in our focus quite a bit more.

And what’s the best ways to pull this off ?

It’s by focusing on what has a person’s greatest mindshare, and talking to THAT part of the market.

What’s constantly on a person’s mind?

What problems are they facing?

Do they go to sleep and wake up thinking about them?

What’s the fire’s blazing in their life right now?

There’s a lot of topics you can talk about that around this mindshare problem.

In the wealth space, maybe a person just got laid off, maybe they just hopped on a plane for another work trip away from their family…

Maybe there’s no fulfillment or adventure in their work anymore, and they hit the pillow every night wondering how they got where they are.

Maybe they’re pension is running dry and the see the writing on the wall… that they’ll have to rely on family and government to take care of them in their older years.

Again, mindshare, right?

Start going down this path and you’ll be onto something good.

A plus is, you’re truly helping people in need. Pick a market, and give them the world.

Income will be a natural side-effect if you do this right, and focus on helping others solve their big problems.

Hope this helps.

This 21 step system may help.


The way to make money is to add value to someone’s life.

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Did You See This $28 MILLION DOLLAR “Shark Tank” Failure?

Affiliate marketing is like anything else in life. You will fail many times before you succeed. The problem with most people is that they quit this business way too early. The moment they don’t see positive results they lose interest and stop doing it. What they don’t see is all the wonderful results headed their way if they were just to continue working through the supposed “failures”. Their success is a few feet away.

I’d like to share an interesting story with you about someone who tried, worked very hard,  failed and gave up on his dreams only a few feet from the finish line. He was lucky however. At the last moment someone took notice, stepped in, applied the required resources, and  help turn the dream into a reality.

Instead of failing, the person who walked away from his dreams ended up making MILLIONS.

Here it is…..

Jamie Siminoff created a gadget that you can install in your door. It alerts your phone when someone rings your doorbell and shows you a video of the person at the door. You now know it as the Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell

Jamie needed money to really get his invetion off the ground, so he took his idea to “Shark Tank” to see if he could get funding. He pitched his idea hard in the hopes of  raising $700,000 to fund his company. Unfortunately he couldn’t reach a deal with any of the investors. None of the Sharks had the vision that Jamie had. There answer was “No, I’m Out”.

Jamie was disappointed and discouraged. In his mind he had failed, so he decided to walk away from his invetion, his dreams, and to put it all behind him.

And then the show aired.

People loved his idea. There was a huge public demand for the Ring Video Doorbell. It also got the attention of Richard Branson the BILLIONAIRE. He liked it and believed in it so much that he invested $28 MILLION of his dollars into the business. Even today, the Ring Video Doorbell is a huge success that sells worldwide.

Sometimes “failure” is better than success!
Sometimes “failure” is better than success!

Jamie Siminoff is now a wealth man, but he quit way too soon. Only a few feet from the finish line. He is very lucky that episode of Shark Tank aired. Had it not, the results would have been very different.

Sometimes “failure” is better than success! But here’s the kicker. You don’t have to be the one going through the failures. You don’t have to spend precious time experimenting on what works and what doesn’t. You can leverage proven systems and achieve the results you want TODAY.

What you need is a proven system.

Matt Lloyd spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars failing, before he finally hit on the online system that’s made his company over $52 million.

Avoid the failures, skip right to the success… MTTB – 21 Steps To Success